MARCO BAGA is a sustainable fashion brand featuring accessories carefully handcrafted in Brooklyn NY. Inspired by the intrepid adventures of the ever so great explorer Marco Polo, we hope to bring to you the whimsical spirit of the world, both bold and mysterious, old and new. Our goal is to provide you with some of the best zero waste fashion accessories that elevate your style and leave a lasting impression. Rejecting the principles of fast fashion, our products are patiently crafted with our materials being carefully chosen and each bag stitched to perfection.

Sustainably made and packaged, it’s then shipped to you, where we hope it will become part of your heritage.



About the founder.


MARCO BAGA was founded by Marina Gil-Lemesheva, a Russian-born New York-based accessories designer. Marina's first career choice was economics. Three months short of completing her MBA, Marina moved to New York, a decision which was both liberating and life-changing. Proud FIT accessory design alumni, she received a variety of training in the fashion industry,  working for brands such as Marchesa, Badgley Mischka, Theory, BCBG and many others. Her experience exposed her to both beautiful artistry of the fashion industry and the ugly truth. Unethical labor conditions, low material quality and massive waste in production are the harsh reality behind most fast fashion products we consume. This led her to a conscious decision to create a brand, whose policies and values, as well as aesthetics go in tune with Marina's inner beliefs of being ethical, sustainable, environmentally conscious and giving back to society. 10% of all MARCO BAGA profits go to various collection specific non profit organizations which actually make a difference. She has set MARCO BAGA's creative direction to empower women with unique designs that are handcrafted and designed purposefully in a market struggling with overconsumption and unethical practices.

Join the chic and conscious revolution!